The ultimate ClickUp system is coming...

In a few weeks (possibly as late as October), I’ll be opening the doors for a small cohort of people to join an 8 week “high touch” ClickUp training course…

The working title for it is [8 Weeks to Clickup Clarity].
The working title for it is [8 Weeks to Clickup Confidence].

This will be the first time I’ve taken anyone other than my high-end consulting clients behind-the-scenes, and shared the strategies, systems, and “ClickUp philosophy”. 

(Even my clients haven’t gotten the the strategy / philosophy side from me – they only receive the systems I build into their workspaces)

At this point, I’ve worked with hundreds of ClickUp accounts of every shape and size, and have seen every possibly combination of worklflows, lists, automations, and “hacks”.  

This course is designed to give you the most contact with a master ClickUp coach, without having to hire me directly.

I’ll be selecting a small number of businesses with active, working ClickUp accounts, who want more of a “done with you” approach.

This is NOT for you if…
– You don’t have at least a basic understanding of ClickUp (meaning: you know how to __________
– business / personal

I’ll be teaching the bulk of the … including multiple workflows that clients have paid $6k-$12k for…

…and will include my “secret sauce” that I’ve learned from working with dozens of clients

…clickup insider…

…make clickup work like clockwork etc


…and will include my “secret sauce” that I’ve learned from working with dozens of clients


…clickup insider…


…make clickup work like clockwork etc


announcement email + landing page to house list


8 week “high touch” pilot program 

– custom system

– direct attention from me on your clickup account



This is NOT for you if…

– you’re a one-man-band, and don’t have a team to manage on clickup

– you aren’t running a business from clickup (this is for businesses only)

– your business is doing <100k sales whatever



you’ll get 4 of my best templates

attention from me

be involved in the development of the “ultimate clickup system”



you’ll learn…

– this 

– that

– other thing



hi, my name is Justin Smith…

– INTRO? one of the world’s most experienced clickup consultants


– if you run your business through Clickup, and ….. blah blah….

– then ….. (watch this video etc)

– In a few weeks, I’m going to be launching the first pilot program of its kind – 


– the XYZ clickup training

– 8 Weeks to Clickup Clarity


– warning, this is not a ‘clickup for beginners, feature training’ course.


– this is a business-grade, deep-dive course, where you need a [BARRIER TO ENTRY] in order to qualify


– You’ll not only be be getting training I’ve never done in public  before…

– The course will also include 4-6 of my hard-earned workflows to install directly into your workspace (some of which cost between $6k and $12k to build)


– This course is for people who may want a consultant-level implementation, for _______________


– sign up to the waitlist ….

[Theme] mastery is a webinar away

Solve your all workflow issues in ClickUp

If any of that sounds like you, you have nothing to lose and a lot to (un)learn

What people are saying

Meet the expert

– clickup master coach

– The Master Coach who trained the current Director of Education at ClickUp, who trained the trainers at ClickUp (plus their sales, professional services and other teams)

Justin Smith is a workflow and ClickUp expert. He was a Success Coach and Product Manager at ClickUp, and taught ClickUp to individual VIP clients, on webinars to audiences of hundreds and through the most liked ClickUp training video on YouTube. And he really wants you to succeed using ClickUp.

As a Success Coach at ClickUp, he taught ClickUp to teams on every continent except Antarctica, from teams of a few people to hundreds.

He’s seen hundreds of setups and dug deep into how companies of all types work and improve their effectiveness; and as a Product Manager, he excelled at understanding what features would enrich a company’s workflows and how to integrate them seamlessly.

In this webinar he will be teaching you to master [theme]

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I’ll only be accepting a small number of people into this program (likely 25). Don’t miss your chance.