ClickUp Onboarding

Configuration & Enablement

Upskill yourself/your power users to design workflows & implement ClickUp.

Plus optional direct support in your Workspace from one of our team.

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Absolutely revolutionized our ClickUp. We went from a mess of overdue tasks and unreadable information, to a succinct, three folder workspace which catches all our clients' requirements and outputs easy to read views that we can take effective action on. Can't thank you enough for both the course itself and your personal call to help us implement everything, absolute gamechangers.
The Call Center Doctors, COO

Key Deliverables

1. The 8 Step Process to configure & build your ClickUp workflows.

2. Training for each step

3. A Building-Block System of foundational templates

4. Written & Video Guides to the 12 ‘Workflow Archetypes’

5. ClickUp Core Product Training 

6. Cheat Sheets for quick-start and easy reference

7. Notification Setting Templates

8. Lifetime Access – Onboard and enable future power users

9. Option to add consulting hours

Justin is one of the best product thinkers I’ve ever met.

– Zeb Evans, ClickUp CEO

What You Can Expect

This is what you will end up with:

  • A clear scope of what you want managed on ClickUp
  • A well-structured custom Hierarchy
  • Clear workflows for each section of your work / department
  • Simple, effective processes in place for your people to follow
  • Your entire team trained in how to use ClickUp
  • A customized rollout plan
  • ClickUp fully configured & working
  • Increased productivity!


  • Dashboards with the reporting & visibility you need
  • A continuous improvement workflow
  • A library of Workflow Building Blocks you can spin up in 30 min
  • The skills & knowledge to adjust, maintain, improve & add workflows yourselves

Meet The Creator

ScrollDown Founder

An ex-ClickUp Trainer & Product Manager and one of the longest-serving ClickUp solution designers in the world.

Creator of many of ClickUp’s webinars and other training.

The mind behind Workload & Timeline views.